Why We’re Bringing Braindates to ACTE

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by: Jen Bankard, Manager, Global Education, ACTE Global & Lacey Armbruster, Manager, Global Events, ACTE Global

The ACTE Summit isn’t like other industry events. We purposely continue to refine and innovate every year for two main reasons:

1) If we are going to focus on the importance of innovation in the corporate travel industry, we as an association that represents that industry need to innovate as well.

2) We always do our best to respond to our attendee feedback.

Last year, we received a consistent message from our members and attendees. They wanted more opportunities to learn from and network with their peers in small group settings. Just a few of the comments received include:

“More peer to peer idea sharing”

“More breaking off into small groups where meaningful conversations can be had and questions can be asked”

“Opportunities to talk with colleagues in small setting such as roundtables are typically beneficial”

“Targeted networking sessions for problem issues”

As ACTE Managers of Global Events and Global Education, we work closely together to incorporate new design elements alongside new ways to learn.

Enter Braindates.

Braindates are a way to help people connect with and learn from one another in a meaningful way – based on shared interests and expertise. Braindates are small group or 1:1 conversations, scheduled throughout the summit via a mobile platform on a specific topic, crowdsourced completely by event attendees.



“I was first introduced to Braindates through a meetings industry event I attended. My time spent in Braindates during this event turned out to be the highlight of the conference. I was able to connect with people facing the exact same challenges I was, and through our collective brainpower we were able to come up with actionable solutions. This platform and onsite environment made finding the right people in a sea of other attendees easy.

 This tool has the power to remove barriers and help you get to meaningful conversation right away. By giving ACTE Summit attendees access to this platform and the space onsite to hold Braindates we hope both create a greater sense of community and foster stronger, more targeted connections.

 Pro tip: Be proactive and plan ahead! Send invitations and join Braindates outside of your comfort zone!”


“As the education manager for a global association, I feel a responsibility not just to keep up with corporate travel trends, but also trends in association education best practices. As you look across the association industry, gone are the days of traditional breakout sessions with traditional presentations or panel discussions. More and more associations are looking to their attendees to develop the conference agenda and are introducing new and creative formats and physical environments to help activate the learning experience. Braindates seemed like a great solution for the ACTE summit as an alternative to more traditional education.”

Braindates will be available at the ACTE Chicago Global Summit:

Monday, 8 April, 10:00-16:00
Tuesday, 9 April 10:00-15:00

The Braindates platform will be made available to attendees beginning March 25. Keep an eye out for more information in your email.

If you are not yet registered for the summit, you can do so here.

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago and please let us know how you enjoyed your Braindates experience!

Lacey Armbruster                                 Jen

Lacey Armbruster                            Jen Bankard
Manager, Global Events                  Manager, Global Education


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