5 + a few more tips for Around the World

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by: Anna Lindberg, 2016 Around the World Intern 

  • Be open-minded and stay curious. Always ask questions – don’t hesitate, just ask!

You will get so much more out of your trip Around the World if you ask about the things you are wondering about. The people you will meet are more than happy to explain you everything about the industry and ACTE’s representatives is also eager to tell you more about the local culture. There are no silly questions! And if there are, they were already asked by the MAPs in 2017.

  • Take a moment to think of what you’ve learnt and what you’ve experienced.

 It might sound absurd, but when you’re in the “ATW bubble” it becomes “normal” to fly several long-haul flights within few weeks and to experience the most amazing things – everything from delicious dinners to sliding down from the Great Wall. But really, take a moment to think of what you’re experiencing and how great it really is – because what you’re experiencing is a once in a life time experience. Few will have a similar opportunity like you, so it is really worth devoting some extra time thinking of what you’ve learnt and what you’re experienced. The blog that you’re asked to write is a great thing, because it actually “forces” you to reflect on things, and later on you’ll enjoy reading the things. You’re experiencing so many things at once, so you really risk forgetting all the awesome stuff if you don’t write them down!

  • Network, network, network!

You’re going to meet the most amazing and inspiring people. Talk with them and ask questions. I don’t think we met anyone that wouldn’t have loved to give us some insights about what they are doing, about the corporate travel industry and some tips for our careers. I’m pretty confident that Uriel, Mary and I can reach out to the people we met if we would ever need some advices. I value that a lot!

  • Don’t pack too much stuff.

Trust me. You’re going to hate carrying all that stuff with you. Keep your baggage light so that you don’t have to worry about overweight. You will need more business clothes than leisure clothes. And if you still end up packing too much stuff and your luggage is too heavy, stay cool at the counter in front of the agent (and make sure your fellow MAP won’t shout out “Oh my goodness, that’s so heavy, Anna!”).

  • Remember to sleep and relax!

You’ll be in the most awesome cities and there will be so many things you will want to do. But if your body and mind is tired, relax for an evening. You’re going to feel so much better the next day! Also, put some comfortable clothes on for the long haul flights. The more you are able to sleep on the flights, the more energy you’ll have to discover the new destination once you have arrived.

Finally, the MAPs 2017 also recommend you to keep your own toilet paper with you in India, to not get scammed in China, to not get dehydrated when visiting Taj Mahal, to not have your credit card copied in Brazil, to not – for goodness’ sake – order a “masala lemonade” in India, and finally, remember to bring your umbrella to New York! 😉

You can learn more about the 2017 Around the World Traineeship Programme today and don’t forget all applications must be in by 19 January 2018.



Anna Lindberg, 2016 Around the World Intern 

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