2017’s Best Travel Management Software for Corporate Travel Managers

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by: Jon Falker, Director of Marketing, 2nd Address

Corporate travel management is a challenging field. Business travel is becoming a source of anxiety for many mid-level managers and executives. In fact, it was the primary theme of this year’s Skift Forum. See Cheddar’s interview with Skift CEO Rafat Ali.


While we’re seeing increasing traveler anxiety, we’re also seeing an increased focus on the Duty of Care that requires companies to adequately care for their traveling employees. Finally, we’re in an era of increasing choice when it comes to travel options and business travelers increasingly want to control the booking of their own business travel itineraries. Some sites, like Upside, intelligently reward business travelers for saving money on their overall trip package costs.

All of this means that today’s corporate travel manager is running to keep pace with legal requirements, corporate sustainability goals, traveler demands and budgeting and accounting processes. Luckily, there are also a lot more innovative tools out there to help. We break down some of those options here.

According to G2 Crowd, an established software reviews site, the top 5 leaders in Travel Management Software are:

  1. TravelPerk
  2. Deem
  3. Egencia
  4. Coupa
  5. Trippeo

The grid below plots these top five in terms of market presence (market share) and user satisfaction.

G2 Crowd Grid for Travel Management

This is far from a comprehensive list however. The 800 pound gorillas in the space are American Express Global Business Travel, Carlson Wagonlit and Concur, which must get categorized differently by G2 Crowd since they weren’t included in this analysis. Concur is at least on G2 and has 1772 reviews and a 4 star average. Amex GBT and Carson Wagonlit aren’t on G2 at all. It’s actually surprisingly difficult to find reviews on either anywhere online.

Back to the G2 top offerings in travel management, we list a few highlights from G2’s top quadrant occupants TravelPerk and Deem below:

TravelPerk (41 reviews, 4.7 star average) – “Free Forever” plan and a “Premium Plan” for €10/booking. Users love the easy interface. TravelPerk recently announced a strategic partnership with Expensify to make both booking and expense reporting easier.

Deem (44 reviews, 3.9 star average) – No clear pricing guidance on their website, although you can register for a demo. User comments say they love the mobile app, although it has a 2.5 star rating on the Apple App Store and a 3.5 star rating on Google Play.

In addition to G2, Capterra is another prominent software reviews site. Out of TravelPerk, Deem, Egencia, Coupa and Trippeo, only TravelPerkDeem and Coupa are featured on Capterra. Deem has zero reviews on Capterra so far, TravelPerk has 22 with a 5 star average and Coupa has 15 with a 4.5 star average.

Coupa Expenses on Capterra

ProductHunt is a relative newcomer to the software/hardware reviews/recommendations scene, but is taking off in popularity. Only TravelPerk and Trippeo are on ProductHunt.

TripActions is another TMS making waves. They are part of a new class of competitors in the space including Upside and RocketTrip that incentives thrifty business travel shopping. TripActions investor Arif Janmohamed notes “TripActions incentivizes travelers by presenting more cost-effective flights and hotels and awarding TripBucks which can be redeemed for rewards, such as a $100 Amazon gift card for taking an earlier flight.” TripActions, Upside and RocketTrip have all begun with appealing to individual travelers and are now trying to appeal directly to corporate travel managers as well.

The companies mentioned in this post are only a small sampling of the entire space, although they represent a strong majority of the market share. Notable mention goes to Sabre for their GetThere/TripCase tandem. Sabre is one of the largest airfare reservation booking engines in North America and is trying to develop their branded consumer offerings in addition to their established behind-the-scenes facilitator presence. Many travel management software systems use Sabre. According to Skift, “Especially for air content, Egencia relies on Sabre and Amadeus to aggregate content and search at scale and with reliability.”

As you can tell, the space is busy. From large, legacy players, to small startups trying to take a fresh approach. 2018 will likely see a fair amount of mergers and acquisition activity.

So if your company is trying to set a 2018 budget for travel management, and you want a new software partner to be included in that budget, be sure to investigate these players. Create an account on G2 Crowd, Capterra and ProductHunt, which will make your searching easier.

There’s also the entire field of travel management companies. If your company would rather not manage the booking and expense reporting infrastructure and/or has the annual travel expenses to warrant large-scale price negotiations, a travel management company might be right for you. Business Travel News has a good guide to selecting a TMC here.

Anything we missed? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.


by: Jon Falker, Director of Marketing, 2nd Address

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