Make Modern Payment Solutions Your Reality

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by: Juliann Pless, SVP, globalVCard Travel, CSI globalVCard.

Are you interested in implementing single-use cards, virtual cards, and other current & emerging payment solutions?

Travel managers face many challenges today regarding noncompliance within business travel, credit card fraud, manual reconciliation processes and lack of visibility within programs. Each of these areas pose an opportunity for improvement.

How do you speak with all stakeholders (purchasing, accounting, travel, IT/RISK) involved in evaluating and implementing a new card solution across your travel program? What about payment pain points within managed travel programs and which payment solutions would work best within your program?

You’ll need to create a compelling business case to ensure all stakeholders have a voice and are excited about modernization, rather than dreading it! Ask the right questions so that all departments’ viewpoints are included within the plan

It helps to know what matters most to C-Suite executives, including which key metrics you should focus on and how to monetize productivity, cost, empowerment, automation and security across your corporate travel payment platform. Once you have buy in, you need to evaluate the payment providers across your travel and purchasing programs to make sure you get the solution base your program needs.

I will be speaking with Kelly Christner, Senior Corporate Travel Manager at ACT at the ACTE Global Conference in New York City later this week. We will be sharing our own experiences, practices, and pitfalls when implementing these solutions. This session will be an engaging discussion leaving you with a concrete plan of attack when you return to your office.  Join us for a deep-dive into building a business case to modernize your payment solutions, on Tuesday April 25.

You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Assess your existing travel program and recognize opportunities for improvement with payments.
  • Evaluate stakeholder willingness to adopt modern payment solutions within program.
  • Involve all stakeholders (Purchasing, Sourcing, Accounting, Travel) when creating a business plan and case to implement a new card solution.
  • Determine the key criteria for evaluating providers and present your recommendations to C-Suite with confidence.


Juliann Pless, SVP, globalVCard Travel, CSI globalVCard



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